About us

Making Buying and Shipping Seamless.

Improving your cross-border auto process.

Frythub is a pioneering solution designed to cater to the needs of both individuals and businesses seeking to purchase vehicles from overseas while seamlessly managing the complexities of international shipping and customs procedures.

We streamline cross-border logistics.

Frythub simplifies international vehicle procurement, ensuring a stress-free, enjoyable experience. Let us handle the details while you embrace the excitement of owning your dream car. Trust us for seamless cross-border auto sourcing and shipping.

Revolutionizing Cross-Border Auto Logistics with Frythub

Your hassle-free solution for cross-border vehicle acquisition. Our digital platform manages end-to-end auto sourcing, shipping, and customs procedures, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency for international procurement.

Our Mission

Our goal is to foster trust with customers and partners, offering a 24/7 reliable digital platform and efficient customer service across multiple channels.

Our Vision

To create a seamless cross border auto sourcing, shipping and clearing experience for people through technology.